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  1. Billy is having another of his troubled nightmares; the one where he is a Furby, imprisoned and tortured by another who was jealous of his arrival and made him ‘get lost’ (to his owners) in the basement of an old damp house. And then Brubar awakes and is baptized in pain as consciousness floods in. During a brief respite from his torturer, he was enjoying the recurring dream where he was his original owner, Billy, playing in his house with other humans. After some milk and cookies, being tucked away in a comfy featherbed, he started to dream the life that has become Brubar’s reality since Billy’s mom sold him in a garage-sale last spring.

  2. It seems to be that the Furby has been abused somehow (hence the deformed structure), and the Furby comming by could be a bypasser who doesn’t help them, or it could be the abuser who could either be sneer about them, or actually feels bad but can’t muster the strength to show and leaves.

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