5 stories about “Multiple images 2

  1. Breathing his last breath, the luminance of life fades around his periphery. New images manifest – is this the afterlife? Years of Sunday School painted pictures of golden streets, haloed saints and angelic singing. But here comes the afterlife, what will it be? As it fades in, he realizes, with alarm, that everyone’s afterlife will be, for eternity, whatever are one’s last thoughts before dying. Quick – what should the thoughts be? Despite certain cerebral pushes for big bosomed women, sun soaked shores and other symbols of contemporary male hedonism, random circuits fire, memory is purged, and the fading of life is meets the tributaries of Matt’s eternity: a furby, a whoopee cushion and the first joke he memorized when he was 10.

  2. Brubar has been enjoying a relatively pain free existence the past few days. He has neither felt the pain from Hektor’s instruments of torture, nor heard his miserable shuffling feet or gurgling laugh. Meanwhile, he feels a draft that was not there before, and hears the faint sound of birds in the distance. Blind since Hektor plucked his eyes out months ago, he can only hear, smell and limp towards the direction of the draft. He stumbles over some object, and clasps a patch of Furby hair as he struggles to regain balance. Is this what became of Hektor?

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