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  1. Munrei, free to leave his captor, hesitates. One part of him feels free – as arms and legs have minds of their own to keep walking. But another part of him feels scared, irrationally unhinged like a body cast adrift in the sea. Terror rises up as he realizes he not only misses, but craves for bondage once more.

  2. A dark shadow loomed over Furby, covering him from head to foot. If he looked now he knew he’d be a goner. He felt the warm trickle of fear down his leg. He knew there was nothing he could do. Once you are found the only path is to run as fast as you can, and even if it wasn’t already too late for escape, Furby acknowledged that he was no track star. Furby waited for judgement to fall upon him. Furby thought about all those wasted years.

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