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  1. The narrator is some kind of old/original Furby who is a bit troubled by a new breed of Furby who can communicate through telepathy – which has apparently caused other sorts of mutations in appearance as well. Even though they speak and look differently, the video ends with a cautious optimism that ‘we are all Furby’.

  2. The furbies were all friends once and the other furbies became really successful and rich so started talking their own gibberish to exclude the white furby who wasnt successful and rich, but hes reassured that at the end of the day, their gibberish is no better than his.

  3. I’m guessing it’s a symbolic story of how some people feel outcasted, and think no one is listening because they’re different. When the Furby brings up noises, they’re saying that they may speak funny as noises are seen to be strange. But in the end, the phrase “I’m listening” is the message that no one is alone.

  4. This is an analogy of the downfall of the civilization that preceded ours: that of the Cavy. Originally, they naturally had 4 fingers on each hind and fore foot. With 16 in total they were attune to the binary and hexadecimal counting systems and were able to create hugely powerful computers. However with such power came knowledge that led to their downfall. It became possible to create genetically engineered children. Not happy with your own fur colour; improve your child’s lot in life by genetically altering theirs to a more fashionable hue before they were even born. But they didn’t stop at fur colour. No, not at all. Dainty hind feet became the goal, and what easier way to do this than to simply engineer out one toe. But this was their undoing. After several generations of 14-fingered Cavies, they lost their capability to even understand the computer systems their 16-fingered ancestors had created. Without their global computer and communications systems, they became isolated and their once-universal language become fractured and localised. Thus they spiralled down to nothing more than chirping furry creatures roaming through the grass, having to use burrows abandoned by other creatures to hide from predators.

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