6 stories about “Video 2

  1. A little Furby is lost trying to find the bathroom. The big Furby laughs and then asks if she has to go ‘number 1 or number 2’. The video eyed furby says this is just a joke, what she feels is an ‘awakening’ and is becoming in-tune with her internal components. Together, they all describe what they feel inside of them, (their batteries and parts) but by wild metaphoric guesses since none of them have seen a dissected or lacerated Furby.

    • The white Furby is the ‘Boss’, while the pink and black one is hooked on class a “f” and they cant get a straight answer out if him. Growing exceedingly frustrated, through lack of results in their interrogation, they grey furby suggests he ‘sleep with the fishes’

  2. The Furbies each talk in their own strange way, and by them all talking at once it is gibberish. They cannot put aside their differences, and therefore will not understand eachother unless they do so. Just as in real life, no one can understand someone if they don’t even understand that they will have different opinions in the first place.

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