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  1. Jenny Francis comes to the tea party drunk (again). Everyone is offended and leaves ‘oh well, more for me’, she declares. Connie finds Nancy dead in the other room. She disposes of the body and covers the evidence, because she is afraid that Jenny Francis may have committed murder in a drunken fit.
    Jenny Francis, completely innocent, yet still drunkenly oblivious, enters the room and finds some blood. Or is it blood? Her drunken mind is trying to parse the information when Connie surprises her. They don’t know what to say to each other: Connie is mulling over whether Jenny Francis realizes what she did, and how she will lose the house if the police are informed; Jenny Francis is realizing that it is blood, and since there is no sign of Nancy, Connie must have murdered her and hid the body – should she call the police or fix another brandy alexander?

  2. Ms.Grey has invited two friends over for tea. Unfortunately, they’ve been hitting the wine again. Ms.Yellow is a loud and roudy drunk. Old Mr.Noir can’t hold it like he used to. He’s passed out, spilling his flask all over Ms.Grey’s rug. Ms.Grey attempts to clean up. Ms.Yellow notices the spilled wine and is offended that Ms.Grey didn’t offer to serve them any.

  3. Oh my gosh, that gray one is evil!! >8D
    But is this supposed to be saying that electronic pets invoke unnecessary emotion? Because, although that’s true, many things invoke emotion, even if they aren’t real. Think about it: books, movies, pictures of anything, even cartoons, bring the same feelings. I guess what I’m getting at here is that virtual pets give you something to be attached to even to love, but so do many other types of media.
    This site is pretty interesting, though. I wish you’d put more happy and/or Tamagotchi-related stuff in it, since many of us from TT are here for that reason.

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