3 stories about “Video 5

  1. Geraldine and Quaky were very much in love. They decided to go to the arcade for slurpees, pac-man, and perhaps later intercourse.
    “Who is that?”
    ” It’s Dr. Wulfenbush!”
    “What’s wrong with him?”
    “It is only his body, his soul has gone elsewhere…. This is it then, after all. Against everything we have rallied against in defiance through our university education, the rapture and tribulation of Christianity are true. The saved souls have ascended to heaven and we, the damned, have this time to sort out whether we will believe in him and have everlasting life.”
    “Do we still have time for pac-mac and hanky panky?”

  2. Where’s Granny? Look, there’s her shoe … a sock … her underwear!?!? … Granny, how many times do we have to tell you?!?! Here in the city, we don’t go skinny dipping in our backyard pool. You’re scaring the kids in the next-door kindergarten.

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